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Posted 30th July 2021

by Daniel

by Daniel

Self Storage at Priory Park – a guide to storage.

Unless you’re in the removal trade it’s very difficult to visualise what would fit in 50ft2 or 250ft2.

Self-storage at Priory Park

Here at Priory Park Storage, Tetbury, we are proud to offer a fantastic variety of self-storage options. One of the most common questions we get asked is “Would I fit the contents of a *insert number of bedrooms* house in that space?”

So just what can you fit into different self-storage sizes at Priory Park and what are the typical items stored in them?

Let’s start with one of our most popular storage options, shipping containers:

We have a selection of 20ft shipping containers at Priory Park. The image above shows one of our 20ft containers from the inside. As you can see there is plenty of space to play with. But it probably won’t help you to know that 48,000 bananas will fit perfectly.

A 20ft shipping container can typically hold the contents of a 3 bedroom house, making this size of container a good choice for storing all your furniture for a house move. Another typical use of a 20ft container, which is 160ft2, is for business storage as they are super secure & great for keeping all your tools & equipment if you’ve ran out of room in your workshop.

One thing to note with container self-storage is that they are situated outdoors. Whilst they are dry & secure, this means they are slightly more vulnerable to damp in cold weather. We therefore recommend using a damp stick inside and checking on your belongings regularly. We wouldn’t advise storing important paperwork or valuable clothing in shipping containers.

Our Didmarton units range from 350ft2 to over 1,000ft2 making them some of our largest on site. Due to their size most of our occupiers store commercial stock & materials. Plus the fact they have fantastic access to pull up in the dry right outside to easily load/unload vehicles.

More storage questions are answered on our FAQ page. If you have any specific queries or would like to check availability, please email Alternatively you can call us on 01666 828903.

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