Priory Park Offices to Let

Posted 30th November 2021

by Daniel

by Daniel

Why you should set up your office at Priory Park.

Today we wanted to bring you a post about the Offices we have available on our Priory Park site currently and why those spaces could be really beneficial to you and your business.

Priory Park Offices to Let

In the last month we have been showing potential customers the various size offices that Priory Park has to offer. Our current available spaces best suit a small team of people or even just a one man band. During Covid-19 there has been less demand for larger workspaces, as more & more people are after a small office to allow flexible working for some employees or just for a skeleton team to run the main operations of the business that they may be unable to do from home.

“2020 has seen the greatest rise in adoption of home working yet due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, but it’s also facilitating the rise of the flexible workspace.”

George Adams – George Estates

So why should you set up your office at Priory Park, Tetbury?

Well firstly…

We are conveniently located – Priory Park is situated 1/2 mile from Long Street in the centre of Tetbury. It has excellent communication links to the M4 & M5 and is particularly accessible for Cirencester, Malmesbury, Nailsworth and Stroud. This makes the site a perfect location for commuters within your business or locals who live close by.

We are flexible – Flexibility is at the heart of what George Estates do at each of our sites, especially Priory Park. We ensure we give fair, flexible Lease terms to help make a big decision a little less daunting. Our small team are always happy to talk over the finer details and work hard to ensure that the space is perfect for your needs. Individual office spaces can even be improved to a tenants’ specification.

We have character – This may seem like a little thing but it’s always nice to know that your new office space has a bit of history and is more than just a generic office block. All of our spaces within Priory Park are named after local villages and have individual features that add to the quirky feel of the site.

We suit the modern workforce – As previously touched on, our office spaces on site are perfect for the current climate of working. In the last year flexible working has become essential and ultimately many employers are still trying to find the balance between remote and office working. Our offices are the perfect solution; we have spaces to suit a small amount of employees who may need to come in a couple of days a week to get some scanning/printing done or even to make some calls that can’t easily be done at home.

We are full of potential – Maybe you are interested in our office space but don’t want to use it in the most conventional way? Don’t be shy, lots of the offices on offer can be used in multiple ways. In the last few weeks we have had unique requests including artist workshops and sound recording studios . Don’t worry though, we will always be honest if an idea is just not going to work in one of our spaces.

If you’re wondering if your business will fit at Priory Park, why not drop us an email or call us on 01666 828903 and we will be happy to help!

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